Harrow Early Immigrant Research Society (HEIRS) is located in Harrow, Ontario, Canada. Our name was chosen to emphasize our roots and to use ‚Äčthe acronym ‘HEIRS’ to reflect our cultural heritage.¬†

Established in 1971

In May of 1971, at the invitation of Gladys Golden, a small group of interested people formed a local historical and genealogical society related to the municipalities of Harrow and Colchester South Township. The celebration of Canada’s Centennial in 1967 brought attention to stories that should be researched and written, to the artifacts that portray our culture, and to the lineages of ethnic groups that descended from cultures in Europe and Africa.

In December of our founding year, HEIRS was incorporated, and as such we are responsible to our own bylaws. We are also affiliated members of the Ontario Historical Society and the Ontario Genealogical Society, which provide us with information and support. We have nine elected directors who volunteer their time and administer the business of HEIRS.